Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3: I think it's time we stopped seeing each other...

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Day 3 of the link up: Things that make you uncomfortable

I'm a pretty comfortable person in general. Not a whole lot makes me uncomfortable except this- telling someone you don't want to date them anymore. I ABSOLUTELY HATE confrontation. It's awkward, makes me super uncomfortable, and I avoid it at all costs. I would rather just give in during an argument then continue on with it. Which is weird because I'm an attorney and we love to argue. I can argue for somebody else any day but when it get's personal, I avoid it like the plague.

So now that I'm back in the dating scene, I've been on a good amount of dates with what I would call "my frogs." They aren't the "Prince" I'm looking for and I can usually figure this out after date #1 (occasionally it goes into Date #2 or #3 but then things get even more awkward and I get even more uncomfortable). And since I hate confrontation, I pull the "I'm just going to ignore your call and texts and hope you get the message" act. Or the "I'm really busy for the next few weeks" act. Sometimes they get the hint and sometimes they don't. One time, I felt the need to actually tell a guy after date #2 (via text because I didn't want to see him again) that I didn't think we were right for each other but I wished him the best and he told me to "Go F*#@ myself." RUDE!!! I was just trying to be nice and honest with him. I'm pretty sure it has left a permanent scar on me.

Anyways, I know it's horrible. And I wouldn't want to be treated the same way. But I'm a chicken and it makes me super uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up on the radio doing a segment called "Second Date Update" one day because I don't call/text people back. I'm also not good at giving the "this date is horrible and I'm not interested signal" while on the date. I can pretend like I'm having a fantastic time even on the most horrible date. I attribute these skills to my sorority and recruitment. I learned how to talk to a wall in college and pretend like I'm having the best time doing it. Perhaps I should go into acting...
(disclaimer: if I have been on a date with you and you are reading this, I apologize. It's just who I am)

Other things that make me uncomfortable:
*hugs (although I've gotten much better as I've gotten older)
*talking about mushy, lovey dovey stuff (pretty sure there's some deep rooted issue there that will require therapy one day)
*wearing clothes that are too tight
*wearing a bathing suit in public

And it is FINALLY Friday!! Amen!! I'm going out with a friend tonight, on a date tomorrow afternoon, and then to a wedding of a good family friend. Sunday is Cinco de Mayo so maybe I'll have a margarita to celebrate. I'm pretty sure it will be the best weekend ever (and I'll let you know why at some point next week).

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Shelley said...

I'm DYING LAUGHING - because I feel the same way! Dating as an adult is STRANGE and I never know how to give the yeah - there's not much here signal... or even the we've been talking on dating sites but you bore me signal... so I tend to ignore and hate that because I hate when guys do that to me.

Glad to know I have company :)