Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 23: It's ok....

Day 23 of the Blog Every Day in May challenge. I'm going to go off the beaten path today and change things up a little. While I'm still linking up to the challenge, I am also going to link up with two other blogs today. These are two blogs that I read and really like. Visit them HERE and HERE. BUT I have never met these women in real life (is that weird? does that make me a stalker?) Anyways, these ladies have been doing a Thursday link up called "It's ok." Today is the last Thursday they will do the link up so I felt it was only appropriate to link up to them too.

So here we go-

It's ok... stalk read other people's blogs even though I have not met them. be really frustrated with your dog when he eats your shoes and clothing. want to escape from the world for just a day. be completely overwhelmed at work with all the things going on. eat Taco Cabana for breakfast when you're supposed to be eating healthy. be excited but cautious about what's happening with Boy Wonder. boycott doing the dishes at your house. eat Chipotle for lunch when you're supposed to be eating healthy. dream about going on a vacation even though you have nothing planned. be super excited that this weekend is a 3 day weekend!

Its Ok Thursdays


Lauren said...

Ummm yes to all! I mean how can you only read the blogs of people you know? Only like four people I know in real life know about my blog and none of them have blogs, so all of the blogs I read are of strangers or people I met at one of the two meet-ups I've attended!

And you can totally make Chipotle healthy...

Enjoying the Epiphany said...

Hi! Newest follower here! I was hoping that you'd hop on by my blog and follow back.

Have a lovely day,