Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Day!

This year, Valentine's Day was extra special for me. I got to spend the whole day doing things that I liked to do and I didn't have to answer to anyone. Such freedom! My Valentine's Day actually started on Friday with a special day at school. I love and hate party days at school. The kids are always so excited but it is so hard to get anything done.

These are the beautiful flowers I got (from one of my students)!
These are all the Valentine's I got! I felt so loved!

On Saturday (Valentine's Day), I went to go see this movie with a dear friend of mine. It was such a cute movie and it made me want to shop even more!

Of course, no good evening is complete without a great meal. Outback has the best kids Mac and Cheese and it's only $5!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


WOW! 3 posts in 1 night. I'm on a role! So, I've been going to church for the past month. I've tried several different churches and denominations. This past weekend, I went to a church that was like no other church I've ever been too and I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed the community and the church has strong family values, which I love. However, I'm not so sure about the beliefs. I need to inverstigate it some more. How do I take 28 years of one belief and change it? Am I told old too change my beliefs or too set in my ways? Only time will tell! I'm going to an event this Thursday so it will be interesting to see what everybody is like outside of church. I'll keep you updated!

Jon and Kate plus 8

On Superbowl Sunday, I (along with about 8,000 other Chicago area residents) went to go see Kate Gosselin speak at a local church. It was so neat to see her live and I got to sit in the 2nd row so it was really up close. Her message was really positive and uplifting. I love to watch the show and now I can say I've seen her live! Here are a few pictures I took!

She was nice enough to autograph about 8,000 people's books

She was so busy she could barely pause for a picture with me!

Kate on stage speaking about her wedding to Jon