Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break 09 part 1

I started my Spring Break with a bang. I went to Houston for 4 days and had an absolute blast. It was a busy busy weekend and I can't believe it all went by so quickly. Friday night I went to Chuys with my friends, Ashley and May to have some yummy Mexican food (I know its not on the diet but I gave myself the weekend off).
After Chuys, we hit Midtown for some dancing and fun times! My other friends, Sheryl and Veronica met up with us. I love going out with all my girls. We have such a great time and my feet always hurt at the end of the night!

Saturday, I went to a baby shower for one of the teachers I used to work with. I got to visit and catch up with several of my old coworkers. It was great to see everyone!
Then, it was off to Frontier Fiesta to see Delta Zeta and Delta Upsilon put on their variety show. I was really impressed and the girls did a great job. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out at the different BBQ tents and chit chatting with lots of people I went to college with. We closed the night down back in Midtown for more dancing!

On Sunday, I went to brunch with several friends. It was soooo good! After, Ashley and I went to go see Les Miserables. It was one of the best musicals that I have seen. Thanks Ashley for inviting me to go with you. I then spent the evening out in Clear Lake visiting with my old neighbor, Kelly. I love her like a second mom and she has so much good advice!

Monday was spent packing and going to lunch with Ashley at Saltgrass. They have fabulous steaks and I miss all the yummy food Texas has.

It was so sad to have to come back home after such a short visit. And the weather in Chicago is not so nice- cold and rainy!

I spent the first full day home of my break out shopping with my mom, working out, and making yummy banana cupcakes. I bought a new laptop case for my new Macbook, went to the gym twice, and caught up on laundry. 5 more days of break left!
My lovely new laptop case/bag!

The yummy banana cupcakes I made!

The second part of my Spring Break is going to be a lot less eventful but still restful!

Biggest Loser Competition

Well, we finished the second round of the competition at my school and I am happy to report that I think I may have won 1st place! All of the results are not in yet. I have lost a total of 20.5 pounds in 12 weeks. I am so pleased with my progress and about halfway toward my total weight loss goal. I am on Spring Break right now but we are going to start a 3rd round of the competition after Spring Break so I have to stay focused for the next 8 weeks! My goal s to lose at least 10 more pounds in the next 8 weeks! We'll see if I can do it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The past 3 weeks!

The past 3 weeks have been crazy busy! I have hit a road block and kind of fallen off the bandwagon with the weight lost competition. I lost 2.5 pounds the first week, then lost 0.5lbs, than gained 0.5 lbs, then lost 1 pound, and then this week- I gained 0.5lbs. It is so frustrating because I really feel like I have been trying and nothing is happening! This is the last week for the competition and I have no idea what is going to happen. Oh well! I do feel better since I've been working out everyday! And I don't have to hang all my clothes up anymore to dry. I can now just throw them in the dryer and they still fit!

I also am so excited to be going to Houston for part of my Spring Break! I get to see old friends, eat at my favorite restaurants, and go see a musical thanks to my good friend Ashley! It is going to be a short but fun trip. ONLY 5 MORE DAYS UNTIL SPRING BREAK 2009!

This weekend, I got a new computer too! I finally broke down and got a MAC! I love it so far although it is difficult to use because I'm used to a PC.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I saw this video on another blog and thought it had a really good message, no matter what your beliefs are.