Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 10: Most embarrassing moment/ Whatever I want to talk about

Day 10 of the Blog Every Day in May challenge and the prompt for today is write about your most embarrassing moment.

I'm not a fan of today's topic so I'm just going to write about my AMAZING week instead. Mostly because I do things that are embarrassing ALL THE TIME. I say things that I shouldn't say, I'm clumsy so I fall (A LOT), I spill things, I'm overall just a hot mess of a person. So identifying just one thing is hard impossible.

So instead, you all get a recap of my week. It's been one fun week. Last weekend, I went to the Karbach brewery on a date (we'll call this guy "Boy Wonder"). Perfect date place in my mind. Laid back place, beer, and a food truck. What more could you ask for! And to top things off, a really awesome date. Boy Wonder was fun, the conversation was good, and we got along great. That night, I went to a family friend's wedding with my parents. Y'all, this wedding was SO MUCH FUN! The son of one of our old neighbors was getting hitched so the entire old block was there. I loved catching up with everyone, the atmosphere was laid back, and there was beer (again- one happy girl here).

Sunday was a true day of rest. I was up early (7am- YIKES!) and at the dog park with Clark. Then Clark and I decided we needed a mid morning nap so we slept until noon. I got up, went to the grocery store, ate dinner, and then went back to sleep. Those types of days are one in a million. Somehow, my weekends are always packed so having nothing to do was heavenly.

Monday was another date with Boy Wonder. Date #2 went well. I'm cautiously optimistic at this point. Tuesday I went to a sorority meeting (I get irritated at these sometimes. The Greek system can be really inefficient and annoying). Wednesday was trivia at Little Woodrow's. I invited Boy Wonder and he met me there. He also got to meet Clark (who was a horribly behaved dog that I had to take home in the middle of trivia and leave Boy Wonder to fend for himself) and two of my married couple friends. Overall, a good evening and he passed the friend test (and Clark test). Still cautiously optimistic.

Thursday was parental time (aka they take me out to dinner). We went to Barbecue Inn. If you live in Houston and like fried chicken, this is the place to go to. SO YUMMY!

And that brings us to Friday. Work is slow today and I'm counting the hours until I leave. 2.5 hours to be exact left until the weekend. Going to the Astros game tonight with Boy Wonder. Let's hope it's a good game :)

And I promise to take pictures this week so my blog isn't so wordy/boring.

How was your week? Any exciting weekend plans?


Lauren said...

Sounds like a great week! And I love dating stories - especially good ones. Have a great weekend!

Whitney said...

Oooh, I can't wait to hear more about Boy Wonder! I was right across the street last night, at the Hilton!