Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 14: 10 things that make me happy

Still in San Antonio for work but keeping up with the blogging every day in May challenge. Today's topic is simple and easy, which is perfect for my busy work trip.

So 10 things that make me happy-

  1. My family, including Louie, Leo, and Clark (the dogs)
  2. Having a job. I really love going to work every day. I'm lucky to have that situation.
  3. Happy hours- good prices and fun times always
  4. Going on dates (well at least the good ones). I may complain a lot about the crazy people that I meet but at least I'm meeting people. Plus, it's fun getting to know new people.
  5. Sleep- I love it
  6. Technology- blogging, my iPhone, iPad, computer, etc. I love it all.
  7. Coke- I don't drink coffee so coke is my caffeine. I try to drink diet but regular is my true love
  8. My friends- they truly make me happy
  9. Sad to admit this one but reality TV. I love it (and I know the story lines are trashy and horrible)
  10. Being outdoors when it isn't too hot. Like today- took a boat ride down the river walk, drank a beer, and just relaxed. Pure HEAVEN. 


Whitney H said...

You forgot to say Whitney =P

Lauren said...

Happy hour is definitely worth noting!!