Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And these are the days of our lives...

If you recognize where that comes from you get bonus points! 

I’m participating in this link up in an effort to blog each day in May. 

Here is my life story in about 250 words. Enjoy!

Born in 1980 in Winfield, Il. A majority of my childhood was me sporting crimped hair and jeans with bows at the ankle. Spent the first 10 years of my childhood in Glen Ellyn, Il and then moved to Houston in 1991 (the end of 4th grade). I spent the remainder of my school years living in Clear Lake. In middle school, I played football with the boys, played on a traveling soccer team, and was on the track team (can you say over-achiever). In high school, I swam on the swim team and played water polo. Graduated from Clear Lake High School in 1999 (our theme song was Prince’s Party Like It’s 1999). Upon graduating, I thought I wanted to move to California for college and to play water polo. I was wrong. Less than a semester there and I was headed back home. Enrolled in community college (aka the 13th grade) in the spring 2000 and then transferred to the University of Houston in the fall of 2000. Joined Delta Zeta and my life changed in more ways than one. I had opportunities that I never thought I would have. Delta Zeta played a huge role in making me who I am today. Also dated a boy for 5 years. That did not work out. Got a master’s degree in education and taught for one year in Houston. Moved to Chicago in 2006 where I lived and taught for 3 years before deciding law school was my next move. Back to Houston I came for 3 of the best and worst years of my life. Graduated in May 2012, took the bar exam in July 2012, PASSED the bar in November 2012. Working as an attorney now, volunteering as an advisor with Delta Zeta, living (temporarily) back at home with the parents, and hoping to meet Mr. Right one day (although it’s been a struggle). (and that 316 words but who’s counting)

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Lauren said...

Like sand through the hour glass...

You had a lot to fit into just a few words!