Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 24: Bagel Shop Observations

Day 24 of Blog Every Day in May.
Today's post will consists of my observations at the local bagel shop I've been frequenting lately. I've noticed some interesting things.

  • First of all, this place has delicious bagels. It's a little hole in the wall but their bagels are yummy. And cheap. $1.79 for a bagel with cream cheese. Way better than Einsteins.
  • BUT I don't understand why bagel shops have to use an INSANE amount of cream cheese. Are they trying to kill me via a cream cheese drowning. I think so. I know I'm paying for it but really? Do I need a whole pound of cream cheese on my bagel? I think not. 
Here's the proof. 
Exhibit A (and I don't have an Exhibit B- I ate it. But I still like to use exhibits)
This is the leftover cream cheese that I scraped off the bagel I ate this morning. 
AND I still had cream cheese on my bagel. 
Kinda gross when I look at this picture.
  • I'm slowly becoming a regular at this place. I've been going a few times a week for the last few weeks. (And don't say anything about how bagels aren't on my diet. I know this already. I have issues clearly.) I'm just waiting for the day I walk in and he doesn't even need to ask me for my order. Supreme bagel toasted with light cream cheese. SO GOOD!
  • Speaking of regulars, the REGULARS at this place think they run the joint. Example- This morning, I'm waiting in line to get my bagel. And a regular walks in. He just feels the need to cut in front of everyone in line and place his order. AND THEN, he looks at the 5 or so people waiting in line and say "Oh, are you all in line?" Ummmm.... duh dude! Why else would we be standing in a line at the counter? Silly regulars!
  • Another regular example- they have no concept of personal space. This bagel shop is kind of small and it gets busy so I understand having to get a little cozy. But this particular regular had to get all up in my business this morning. AND to make matters worse, he had just come from working out so he didn't smell so great to say the least. I felt like I needed a shower after today's bagel visit.
  • This bagel shop brings in all sorts of characters. People going to work, retired people, nannies with the kiddos, and really anybody else you can think of. It's always an odd mix in line each morning. One lady came in this morning and ordered enough food to feed an army. Seriously! She had two huge bags of bagels. THEY ARE THAT YUMMY!
Ok, enough observations. This post really has no point. I just wanted to tell someone about my bagel observations and everyone at my office is out (or not at work yet) so the blog gets to hear them. (good thing I proofread my post. I had spelled hear "here". The grammar police would have definitely caught that one)

So excited about this weekend. 3 day weekend. Not much planned. An outing with Boy Wonder. My sick puppy is FINALLY on the mend. My kind of weekend!


Lauren said...

Now you need to share where it is! I will carpool with my husband a lot this summer and I have an hour to kill in the mornings. I would love to add a new place to my breakfast routine!

Whitney H said...

That part about exhibits made me giggle. That's insane that they give you that much cream cheese!!