Wednesday, April 10, 2013

California dreaming day 1

I'm soooo behind on blogging. Life just catches up with you and finding time to blog gets pushed back to the bottom of the list I guess. A lot has happened in April! The first week of April, I went to Los Angeles for a work trip. It was a training that lasted from 9-3 and then the rest of the day was free time. I flew into LAX on Monday around 1pm so I decided I would spend the rest of my day in Santa Monica hanging out at the beach. it was wonderful! I love the California beaches and the weather was perfect!

Before I headed to the beach, I made a pit stop by Portillos. This is a Chicago based place that has 2 locations in the LA area. It's one of my must haves every time I go back to Chicago!
(All pictures are iPhone pics- I had a real camera but I haven't loaded the pictures onto my computer yet)
Italian beef and chopped salad. 
Pepperdine University in Malibu 
(I went to water polo camp many times here when I was in high school)

Malibu beach!

Just another day at the office :)

Under the Santa Monica Pier

A little wind blown self portrait

I was disappointed I did not see a lot of muscle on that day.

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