Monday, April 22, 2013

Another weekend bites the dust

Well another weekend has come and gone. This one was less eventful than most, which I definitely needed. Sometime, you just get worn out and need a break!
My weekend began a little early with a Thursday night happy hour with my law school peeps. we had a mini- reunion where I enjoyed this tasty drink from Mongoose vs. Cobra. It was sweet and citrusy. Yummy!
Friday morning I had to go to a mandatory Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course on ethics. It was a long 4 hours but I completed it and met the requirement so I'm all good to go. 
Saturday I got to babysit this little guy and his baby brother (no pictures of him) for a few hours while his mom was at work and hid dad went to an event. He spent most of the time "mowing" the yard. 
Sunday morning my dad and I took the pups to the dog park. 3 dogs in one car makes for a very unhappy Leo. It's hard to see in the picture but he was giving me that "please let me out" look. But no worries! He was happy when we got to the park!
Sunday afternoon I went to brunch at the Tasting Room for a Blogger Meet-up. I had only been to one blogger meet-up before and only 2 other bloggers showed up so this was my first official full blown meet-up. It was fun to see so many other women that are bloggers too. I have to admit that some of there blogs are intimidating. They are designed so well and they use them to make money and advertise products. I originally started blogging to keep in touch with people when I moved to Texas and to also document my life. My hope is to one day turn all my posts into an actual bound book (kind of like a scrapbook). Until then, I'll just keep writing away on the internet! I made some new friends, ate a yummy pretzel, and had a good time!
These 4 photos below were taken by Meg, another blogger, who has a real camera. You can find her blog here. See... I was making new friends. Darby is not only a blogger but a Delta Zeta. Sisters for life! And we also wore the same color pants. It was meant to be!
 I take a good iPhone pic!
 Listening intently
 The whole group! So much fun! Can't wait until next month and our picnic!
And then Sunday night I came home to find this. Louie and Leo sprawled out on the couch. I asked them if I could sit on the couch too and they just ignored me. I guess we know who rules the house!
At least this little guy wants to share a bed with me. Clark all curled up trying to sleep :)
What a fabulous, relaxing, peaceful weekend. Already looking forward to the next and it's just the beginning of the week! 

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Lauren said...

It was so great to meet you! And your pretzels were definitely the envy of the table. That cocktail looks amazing - I have been wanting to try Mongoose vs Cobra!