Friday, April 12, 2013

California Dreaming Day 2 (otherwise known as celebrity stalking)

The second day I was in California we were done with our training about 3:30 so it was off to do some celebrity stalking sightseeing. I pretty much ended up traveling all over the city while I was in LA. My first stop was Sunset Blvd.
Chateau Marmont- This is that hotel that all the celebrities go party at. 
Next up: Hollywood Blvd. 

I was hoping to find a Real House Wife of Beverly Hills here but no such luck.
(This place is owned by one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- Lisa Vanderplump. She also has a reality show called Vanderplump Rules which is based on the wait staff that works here.)
And yes... I do know too much about this place.

All this celebrity stalking sightseeing makes a girl hungry so I venture over to Melrose for some cupcakes. 
Milk chocolate birthday and lemon something. Yum!

Once I refueled, I did a little bit of shopping. Well, it was mostly looking in the windows because I don't know about you but I certainly don't have that kind of money!

Then went on a home tour looking for my future home. I found plenty to choose from.

Most interesting mailbox award goes to this house!
Still looking for my future home...
And then I found Brandon and Brenda's street. You may be asking yourself who is Brandon and Brenda? 
WELL.... Beverly Hills 90210 (my all time favorite show- like I still watch the reruns today) takes place at the main characters Brandon and Brenda's home on Hillcrest Drive.
And I ended the night with a drive by Paramount Pictures Studio

Sadly, I did not see any celebrities despite my efforts. Nor did I find a rich man to marry. But I did have lots of fun exploring the city. I love LA and all the craziness it has to offer!

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Whitney said...

Okay, I NEED that mailbox. That's seriously awesome!