Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Queen has Arrived (LA Day 3)

For the 3rd day of my LA trip, I decided to actually venture outside the city limits and travel to Long Beach for the afternoon to see the Queen Mary. This ship is amazing. It is like the Titanic (except it didn't sink). During World War II it transported soldiers but during times of peace, it was a cruise ship. It is now permanently docked in Long Beach and you can actually stay the night on the ship at the hotel. I just went for the afternoon and did the self guided tour.

This is the where the Captain would be steering the ship

And since I was alone, you get a self portrait. I really need to work on these...
But that is Long Beach behind me.

One day, I'd like to go back and actually stay on the ship so I could see the dining areas and ballrooms. Long Beach is also a short boat ride away from Catalina Island which I would love to visit one day. Ohhhh.... the places I'd love to go and the dreams I have of California living!

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Whitney said...

Catalina Island is my MIL's favorite place! She grew up in Orange County so they visit all the time.