Monday, January 20, 2014

What did you do this weekend?

This weekend, I ran 13.1 miles! And I beat my time last year by 4 mins. I had a goal to run the half marathon in under 3 hours and I did it in 2:58:58. I was cutting it a little close but I'm still in the 2 hour range! This race was perfect! I started off really strong and felt good the whole way. I was running about 12 min miles the whole way. I even saw several of my friends around mile 9 cheering me on. They gave me that extra push to keep going. I pretty much stuck to my run 9 mins and walk 1 min plan too. Until I got to mile 11 where I think I pulled a thigh muscle and could hardly move. And that was the hilly part of the race. It slowed me down a lot but I still made it through and finished. Once I came around the corner and saw the finish line, I practically sprinted the rest of the (which told me that I could have pushed myself a little harder throughout the race). I need to work on pacing myself and pushing my body to the max without overdoing it. This was also my 3rd half marathon so I felt like I knew what to expect with this one. I am still amazed that my body can go for 13.1 miles. It's an amazing feeling and accomplishment. I'm thinking a full more half marathons and then I might go even crazier and try a marathon. Although I am super sore today though. I'm walking around work like a little old lady :)

Here are a few pictures I snapped of the weekend!

Race morning- 25,000 people getting ready
Clearly I can't take a selfie. And it was really early in the morning. 
My bling! I now have 3 half marathon medals. 
So cool!

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Lauren said...

I think that's so awesome! Congrats! Glad you beat your goal and had a great time!

Oh and I will probably see you this weekend, yay!