Thursday, January 2, 2014

It certainly was a Happy New Year...

2 posts in one week?!?!?! What has this world come to?!?!?! Just kidding... But seriously, I'm trying to get back into this blogging thing. I may even backdate some posts so I can have it for my own memory. But moving on...

I hope everyone out there in blog world had a Happy New Year! I know I certainly did! This year, my roommate volunteered to host a Great Gatsby party at our house. It seemed like a good idea at the time but the closer it got to the actual event, the more anxiety I had about it. I wasn't even planning the event but the guest list kept on growing and growing and about 75% of the people who had RSVP'd yes were not people I knew. Having about 40 random strangers in your house would give most people anxiety I think.

But it turned out to be fine. Everyone behaved themselves for the most part, nothing of value was broken, and I managed to safe proof most of the house so that nothing was lost or taken. I went to sleep around 1am and the party was still going strong. I think it finally ended around 3am (much too late for this old gal). The only thing rough was the clean up the next day. When you put 50 people in one house all toasting to a new year, you get a little bit of bubbly on the floor. And then when said people walk all over the floor, it makes a huge, sticky mess. It took me a long time to clean the floors yesterday. Not fun after celebrating all night.

Here are a few pictures I manged to take or steal from other people:

My friend Jen and I. I love this girl. She has such good advice.
My roommate and I
These are all my law school friends. As you can see, 
everyone except Jen and I dressed for the occasion. 
My thought was "the party is at my house, I can wear what I want to."
This pic is blurry but it represents the chaos of our picture taking. I look like I'm bossing everyone around.
(and I probably was)

My friend Erin and her boyfriend Brian
More law school friends
The winners of the costume contest.
I have no idea who the 2 people on the left are.
But the two on the right are friends. 
And this is a picture of the GIANT pile of trash sitting in my garage.
There's about 15-20 bags in the pile. I guess it was a good party.

And my garage also smells like bourbon. Some random guy dropped an entire bottle of bourbon in the garage and of course the bottle broke. I guess it was better it happened in the garage then in the house. 

The ringing in of 2014 was wonderful! I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me!

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Whitney H said...

That sounds like so much fun! I miss seeing you so often. I hope I can see you soon!