Thursday, January 9, 2014

The internet is a scary place

(my doctor looks nothing like this though)

Now that it's the new year and I have health insurance that isn't crap, I've decided I should probably start seeing a doctor and making sure I'm healthy as can be. I don't really have any history of being unhealthy but as I get older, I wanted to get some baselines just in case something does come up. I also didn't have any regular doctors and had just been going to urgent care if I got sick which is not how I want to live my life. So, I've been poked and prodded a lot in the last month.

Well, I recently (as in today) had a minor health scare freak out as a result of my new initiative. Without going into to many details, I got the results of some bloodwork/tests I had done with the doctor and got a surprising, somewhat scary result from it. It was something that completely caught me off guard. And to make matters worse, the nurse made it sound like it wasn't serious at all and it was no big deal. She just casually dropped this bomb on me and then went about her day.

So I immediately dropped everything I was supposed to do at work and went on an internet researching binge. There is some scary stuff out there, y'all! I had convinced myself that it was the end of the world and I was dying. Clearly, I'm not dramatic at all :)

And then I remembered I had a few rational friends out there that may be able to talk me off the ledge. After a frantic quick email to one of my good friends, I realized that what I have isn't so uncommon and that I'm not dying and that the world is not ending. Now I just have to be more aware of my body and take better care of myself. After mulling over this for a few hours, I think I'm going to be ok.

Moral of the story- 
The internet is a scary place and will tell you you're dying if you google enough things!
Go to the doctor regularly (i.e. don't wait 3 years in between check-ups)
And trust your friends. They always have your back. Thank goodness!     

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Lauren said...

Dr. Google is pretty evil at times. I hope you learn to live with whatever's got you down!