Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was one for the books. I had a packed weekend full of fun. So much fun that I took hardly any pictures.

Sidenote- I don't really like to take pictures of myself. I don't like the way I look so I often find myself taking pictures of things (mostly food and alcohol). Is there something wrong with that?

Stayed at home and got caught up with Downton Abbey and ate Thai food. 

Blogger Meetup at Hearsay downtown.
I love this place. I've never had anything bad here. 
This was only my 3rd or 4th meetup but I feel like I've known some of these girls for a long time.
I read their blogs almost every day. 
So that means we're BFFs, right?

Anyways, we were talking so much that most of us forgot to take pictures. 
Darby did take some pictures. You can see them HERE.
And if you look closely, this is the reason why I hate pictures. I just make weird faces all the time. 

I then ventured over to Reliant Stadium to pick up a wine case for one of my buyers.
I'm on the Wine Sales Committee. We sell wine.
If you want to go to a wine seminar during the rodeo, let me know.
I have tickets for you to buy.
The rest of Saturday is a blur with no pictures.
I went on a date.
I went to a birthday/housewarming party.
I went to a second birthday party. 
I was in bed by 10:30pm.

Went to brunch with a few friends at Brick and Spoon
We had to wait an hour to be seated but the wait was worth it. 
I sipped on this while we waited.
Berry mojito
Grown up grilled cheese
And a mimosa sampler in the background. 
I then went over to my parents house to go to a neighbor's open house.
My mom didn't want to go alone fearing that the neighbors would figure out that she was going through their house. 
But she really wanted to see what they had done to their backyard since my parents have the same exact house 2 doors down.
And she made me take pictures to show my dad. 
Screened-in patio under the deck. 
They converted part of their garage into a room.
It was pretty cool. 

And then this happened. I had seen these two dogs camped out on the corner by my parent's house.
They were just chilling waiting for someone to come get them.
Upon talking to the neighbors, they had been there for at least a day.
Knowing that it was going to get cold this week, I mentioned it to my dad.
He and I went and got the dogs. 
They are now living in our backyard/garage. 
Sweet puppies who will hopefully be going to the rescue place this weekend. 
Unless of course anyone wants a dog or two. 

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Lauren said...

This is just now showing up in my feed! It was so good to see you and I hope you make it to the next one. Also you did an impressive amount of stuff on Saturday - wow! I hope you found a home for the dogs!