Thursday, March 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday

It's Thursday and almost the end of the week. Thank goodness! I have a busy weekend ahead of me too so I'm already mentally preparing. I was going through my facebook pictures this morning in an effort to avoid getting started on my work. I found this lovely picture and thought it was most appropriate considering the situation.
This picture was taken at the Bears game on December 30, 2007. It was about ZERO DEGREES outside and I sat through the entire game all bundled up. I'm really not that large either. I just have about three sweaters on and a huge puffy jacket under my jersey. I kind of look the like Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

Now, you might be asking yourself- What situation is she talking about?!?!?!

Well, yesterday was a sad day for us Chicago Bears fans. The Bears failed to reach a contract agreement with Brian Urlacher which means he is now a free agent and no longer a Bear. I am VERY sad about this as he is one of my favorite players and the Bears are losing a legend. You can read about this disappointing news here.

However, for those that truly know me, they understand that my VERY favorite player on the Bears is the kicker- Robbie Gould. #9. Yes, I do own a Bears jersey and yes, it is the kicker's jersey. It's pretty much one of a kind because nobody wears the kicker's jersey, except me. I don't understand my fascination with #9 but he's awesome. And, every time I wear the jersey, I get a lot of funny looks. It's kind of amazing!

Evidence of my Robbie Gould fascination-
And this is how cold it was outside that day!

Also, check out my cool new signature. I'm slowly but surely getting better at this whole blogging thing.

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