Thursday, March 14, 2013

If I Die Young...

Last Saturday, I had Rodeo trip #2 to go see The Band Perry with my friend Jen. They were amazing! Not as good as Dierks but still amazing. We met up with 2 of my other friends that were there, did some window shopping, visited the animals (my favorite part), ate a lot of food (baked potato, Texas taders, ice cream, funnel cake, and a corn dog). I'm so lucky to have been able to go to the Rodeo twice this year. Next year, I want to get season tickets so I can go to a lot more of the concerts!
On the bus heading to the Rodeo
Baby goats. So cute.
Baby piglets. Even cuter!
This little guy got confused and wandered over to the wrong side of his Momma. Don't worry though. He found his way back to her. 
This Momma was due to have her babies the day we were there. She looks a little uncomfortable if you ask me. But really... who wouldn't be when they are due to give birth at any moment. 
Texas Taders and BBQ Baked Potato. 
This logo is on the side of the stadium seats. 
Waiting for the concert. Getting really inpatient. 
Finally! The Band Perry

Until next year Rodeo Houston. You were fun while you lasted!

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Whitney said...

What time do the concerts start on Saturday? I'm seeing Luke Bryan on Saturday! I really wanted to see The Band Perry!