Friday, March 15, 2013

Clark. The Rescue Dog.

Monday was a big day for me. It began bright and early (6:15AM to be exact) where I was rudely awoken by our two family dogs barking their big crazy heads off. I stumbled downstairs wondering why my parents were being such neglectful parents and allowing the dogs to bark like crazy at that ungodly hour of the day. If they woke me up, I know they were waking up the neighbors and nobody should have to get up that early! As I stepped outside, I discovered this little guy (see picture below).

My dad had found him wandering around from car to car at a gas station. He was (and still is) super skinny so my dad felt bad for him and decided to bring him home. We tried to get him to eat but he wasn't having any of it so I left for work and called the vet to see if they could see him. Monday afternoon I brought him into the vet. He weighed only 36.8lbs and the vet said he is supposed to be between 50-60lbs so he is really underweight. He had no major things wrong with him though but he had a pretty bad case of fleas so we treated those. He got all his shots and heart guard and flea treatment. He wasn't tested for heartworm because he is too skinny to treat anyway. Once he gains some weight, I'll take him to be tested. Cross our fingers it's negative. He did have an ulcer in his eye that we are treating. But other than that, he is good to go! I named him Clark. The vet thinks he's 1 1/2 years old and a boxer mix.

He's currently been hanging out in the backyard but I'm getting a crate to so we can bring him inside. We got him eating food so he's one happy boy now! The other two dogs still aren't sure and are very bent out of shape about Clark being there. But they'll get used to it I hope. Since I spent $150 on the dog, I decided to keep him for now. Once he gets some weight on him, I'm going to take him to doggie obedience school so he can learn some manners. He has none right now.
Monday pictures-
So skinny you can see his ribs!
Tuesday picture. Already looking better.


Whitney said...

Poor little guy! I'm so glad that you took him in. When we get a house I'm thinking about fostering animals!

Lauren said...

OMG poor sweet puppy! So glad you found him and judging by the pic in the sidebar, he has put on weight and is getting TONS of love!