Monday, February 3, 2014

The Superbowl and other happenings

Another weekend bites the dust. They always seem to go by so quickly, don't they??? Anyways, this past weekend was an emotional roller coaster for me. Friday night I went to the movies with my parents. We saw he new Jack Ryan movie. I'd give it a solid B for a grade. Pretty action packed and kept my attention but not life changing.

Saturday was a rough one. My parents and I had found two stray dogs the past Sunday and knowing we couldn't keep them, still decided to take them in. Well after about a million emails to different rescues, I finally found one rescue that could take them. The problem was I had spent a week taking care of them and had gotten VERY attached to them. My mom and I went to drop them off at the shelter and I just lost it. Tears and ugly crying for the rest of the day. I felt so guilty dropping them off and just leaving them there. And the looks on their faces just about killed me. It literally took everything I had in my body to leave them there. Even though I know that I can't keep them and it doesn't make sense in any way, I still am wanting them. I'm really hoping they get adopted soon or else I might be venturing back to the rescue to get them myself, particularly the dark brown one. I seriously fell in love with her.  

Sunday I had semi recovered from my traumatic experience of dropping of the dogs and managed to collect myself enough to attend my friends Lindsay and Jon's SuperBowl/ Housewarming party. They recently moved into a new house (one street over from my parents too) and had a small party. The game was horrible. I watched about 30 second of it. And the commercials weren't all that great either. Lindsay's cookies were another story though. Yummy!

And then the weekend ended. And Monday came. I have a super busy week and will be off to Florida on Thursday night for the weekend. Fun times! 

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