Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Goals

It's now the second month of 2014 and it's time to set some more goals.

January consisted of one goal. Run a half marathon in under 3 hours. I got that one accomplished so now it's on to February.

I'm linking up with Kaitlyn at Put a Bow On It and Ashley at It is What You Make It to help keep me accountable this month. We'll see how I do.
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February Goals:
1. Look for a new job
2. Pay off one credit card
3. Have 4 nights in the month where there is nothing planned (ideally one per week).
4. No soda for the entire month
5. Do not buy breakfast at any fast food place for the entire month
6. Only buy food in the work cafeteria once a week
7. Track my spending habits

It's already the 5th day of the month and I'm doing good so far. No soda yet and no fast food breakfast. I did buy a salad in the cafeteria today so I guess I used up my once a week ticket. Good thing I only have 2 work days left this week. 

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Ashley Robyn said...

We can totally help eachother with the no soda one. I went from 6 Dr. Peppers a day to just one or even none. Breakfast and lunch out are my worst enemies. It's so easy to just drive through and pick up something. YAY for paying off a credit card though. Thank you for linking up with us. Happy Thursday!