Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Tuesday but I'm doing my Weekend Recap anyway!

Yes, I know yesterday was "technically" the day I'm supposed to do a weekend recap. But I was busy. Between work and Delta Zeta, the life is slowly but surely being sucked out of me. Sept. 16th (the day after formal recruitment) needs to come quickly!

This past weekend was supposed to be a slow one. But apparently I can't do anything slowly so somehow I managed to fill it to the brim.

Between a Friday night concert in Clear Lake, a Saturday trip to Stephen F. Austin State Univ., and Clark's doggie school on Sunday, I feel like I traveled a lot.

The weekend in pictures-
Jason Boland and some country dancing.
Fabulous Friday with my friend Jen. 
Saturday trip SFA to help the DZ chapter there prepare for rush.
The inside of their house. 
It was interesting. And that is all I can say about it. 

And Clark got a Halloween outfit. 
It's fitting considering his name....

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Lauren said...

OMG the Clark/Superman connection is amazing. I just got it! What a perfect costume! You can be his Lois Lane!