Sunday, August 25, 2013

I can now die a happy woman

So way back at the end of June, I experience probably one of the best nights of my life so far. I FINALLY got to see my all-time favorite childhood band- New Kids on the Block. I went with 7 of my closest friends and we danced and sang our hearts out all night. While the critic's reviews were mixed, I thought they were fabulous. And to top things off, we bought the cheap, nose bleed seats but got upgraded to the 2nd row. We were soooo close. It was AMAZING!

But I'll let the pictures do the talking. WARNING- Be prepared for a picture overload.

The top one is the cheap seat. 
The bottom one is our upgraded seat.
NOTE: ROW 2!!!!

The concert started with Boys II Men. 
We missed most of their songs though because dinner took forever. 

And then came 98 Degress.
I have to say that while their hotness is still there, 
I was disappointed in the act. It wasn't all the great. 

 Nick Lachey is still nice to look at though. 

 And finally came the big act. 
They played for 1 1/2 hours. 

 And then this happened. 
I could have touched him.
But I didn't want to seem like one of those crazy girls.

 Boston Strong


And the obligatory group shot.

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Lauren said...

You should have touched him! And how did all of you get such a great upgrade? Let me in on your secret! :)