Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My very first VoxBox

About a month ago, I received my first Influenster Spring Fever VoxBox in the mail. It was so exciting to be getting free products to try and give my opinion about (and please note that these are MY opinions about the products). I couldn't wait to try the different things in the box and who doesn't love free stuff!
This is the box that I got. Full of goodness!
First up: Secret Outlast
I was excited to try this because I'm always looking for a great deoderant/anti-persperant living in hot and humid Houston. This one didn't disappoint. It worked wonders and smelled lovely. The only thing I didn't like was that if I applied it right after shaving, it stung my skin. And the dial broke about halfway through the sample so I didn't get to use all of the product. Bummer! 
Next up: imPress Broadway Nails
I would have to say I'm not a fan of fake nails at all. But I was willing to give them a chance. I also wasn't fond of the color that was sent to me because I can't wear those to work. So I had to save them for a special night out. They were easy to apply and remove. And looked pretty cool on (I completely forgot to take a picture of them on though)
Third product: Schwarzkopf Professional Geltastic
This product was a pretty cool. It definitely did the trick and kept my hair under control (and I have some crazy, frizzy hair). A note to those that may use it- a little bit goes a long way. 
The food product in the box: Tasty Kake
I just recently tried this and it did not disappoint. It was so yummy! I even shared it with some of my coworkers and they all loved it. I have never seen these in stores but I definitely have my eye open for them now!
And my favorite product in the box: NYC New York Color
This lip gloss is fantastic! I love the color of it (not to bright but just a hint of color) and it smells/tastes lovely. The actual gloss part is like a lipstick and has an apple shape in the middle of it. So cute! I will definitely be buying more of this product once I run out. 

So there you have it. My first Influenster VoxBox and review. I loved getting these complimentary products and being able to try them out. I definitely hop I get chosen for another box soon!

NOTE: "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

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Whitney said...

I got this box too! I love the deodorant but you're right... it totally stings when you use it after shaving! :( The lip gloss is my fav too.