Monday, June 17, 2013

Margarita Fest 2013

The second weekend in June I ventured to San Antonio with 9 of my friends for our annual get together. We normally have Beer Fest each year to kick off summer and just have a weekend of fun. This year since were going to San Antonio, it was only appropriate that we call it Margarita Fest. And a lot of margaritas (and hurricanes) were consumed on this trip for sure! It was a fun weekend of being touristy and eating/drinking a lot. When I got back, I'm pretty sure I needed another weekend to recover. Pictures to document the trip.
No road trip is complete without a stop at Buc-cee's~
Look at that sunset!
First margarita of the trip (mango). Yum!
The sign at the Piano Bar we went to on night #1
Being a tourist on Saturday. 
This was actually a fun festival where I may have gotten a little too much sun. 
Everything is bigger in Texas
One day, I'm going to actually eat in the place. 
And then the fun began. Night #2 at Pat O'Brien's.
I may or may not have drank most of these on the table. 
I was paying for it the next day.  
Old roomie pic
I seriously love Brittany and her crazy advice. 
This actually turned out really well. 
See my horrible sunburn. OUCH!

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