Thursday, February 7, 2013

3.5. The number of the week.

3.5. The amount of pounds I lost this week. Pretty impressive considering I completely fell off the bandwagon on Sunday. Superbowl plus party= uncontrollable eating.

In my office, I am the biggest loser this week. But only by half a pound. I have some stiff competition here at work. I need to step up my game and add in some running for this next week.

One tip is to track what you eat. I use I try to plan out my meals and track my food every day. I'm not perfect about it but I always try to stay within my calorie range. Like last night, I went out to dinner so I looked up what I wanted to eat ahead of time. I did have a few pieces of the yummy bread though but I felt like it was ok because I had been really good that day. My goal is to make healthier choices and not deprive myself. And when I got home, I had 6 Oreos and a glass of milk. They were delicious.
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Whitney said...

Oreos are my weakness! I love them. 3.5 is a great loss!