Friday, October 19, 2012

The non-Bachelorette Bachelorette party

One of my friends I went to law school with is getting married this weekend. In order to help her celebrate the festivities, her bridesmaids organized a lovely bridal shower and then we all went out for a non-bachelorette bachelorette party. She didn't want the traditional (and inappropriate at times) party so we called it a girl's night out. We went to dinner at Molina's (more mexican food) and then went to Pete's Dueling Piano bar. This place is kind of like karaoke but you just get to sing along to all the hits that the piano players play. And if you want a special song played, you just give a tip with the song request. I took a few pictures of the night-
The bride and Erin

 She's reserved for her fiance Ben
 The UT game was on also. This is how Lauren watches football.
 Dancing at the Piano bar
 The bridal shower before the one and only game.
I am not a fan of games at showers so 1 games was good for me. 

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