Thursday, October 18, 2012

Half Marathon Anyone?!?!?!

I'm officially training for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon this coming January 2013. I'm really nervous about it because I am REALLY not a runner. Like I feel like I'm dying when I run. But I figure I can do it. I have to keep a 13:45 pace for the first 9 miles though so I'm a little concerned about that. But they do give me 4 hours to complete the whole thing so even if I walk most of it, I'll still finish. But my goal time is to finish in under 3 hours which works out to a little under 14 min miles. In order to be able to run the Half marathon, you had to enter into a lottery to see if you get selected. Well, I didn't get selected so instead, I had to fundraise to be able to get an entry. I have to raise $500 by Nov. 1st. I'm $183 away from my goal but I'm hoping a few friends of mine will chip in and help make up some of that money. If not, I'll just pay the difference and get my entry. This week, my training schedule says to run 3 miles, 3 miles, and then 4 miles. So I ran 3.6, 2, and 3. Then on Saturday, I plan on running the 4. I'm not running the entire thing but I'm doing about a 13 min mile so I'm happy with that so far. I'm also running a 10K in the Turkey Trot this year on Thanksgiving Day. I'll be about 6 weeks from the half marathon so I figure its a good time to be half way into the training. We'll see how I do. My goal time for that is 1 hr 20 min.  Running the half is on my bucket list of things to do so I'm really excited about it! My body is definitely paying for the training though. I am so sore in places I didn't even know had muscles. And my shins are killing me. It'll all be worth it on January 13th though!!!
If you'd like to contribute to my fundraising, here's the link:

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