Monday, July 5, 2010

Let the Adventure Begin!

I've been in Madrid for a little more than 24 hours and I can already say I might never come home. I love this place! Yesterday was orientation for my classes and then we all went out to a Salsa Dance Club. It was so much fun and some people take their dancing very seriously! Today I had class in the morning and then went to the downtown part of Madrid and did some shopping. I bought two of my most needed items- a blowdryer and flatiron. I didn't have one yesterday and my hair looked horrible when it dried naturally. Thank heaven for blowdryers and flat irons. I now have semi-good looking hair!
One thing I'm not so fond of in Madrid is the food. I'm not even that picky but some of the food looks non-edible or it just doesn't taste good. I'm sure I'll lose a few pounds if I keep eating the way I've eaten the past 2 days!
Anyways, here are a few pictures I've taken so far.
My room- its small but cozy
Dinner the first night- I did not eat this
Getting ready to go Salsa Dancing- Jasmine, me, and Kelsey
Salsa Dancing!
Part of Downtown Madrid
The Spanish Air Force Building

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