Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Vacation- part 2

While in Chicago, I did lots of fun things. One of those was seeing White Christmas the Musical. White Christmas is one of my favorite movies and I loved the musical. It was a little different than the movie and left out some of the good parts but it still had the same feeling and theme. I snuck this picture when the ushers weren't paying attention!
While downtown, we also went to the Kris Kindle Market in Daley Plaza. We go just about every year and I always enjoy it, even though it is freezing cold outside!
After New Years, my mom and I came down to the city again and did some shopping at the old Marshall Fields (aka Macys) and then we ate lunch in the Walnut Room. This is one of my favorite traditions. I remember doing this as a child and I hope that one day when I have kids, I'm able to continue the tradition. We thought the tree would be down already but we caught it on its last day up!
On our way back to the car, my mom and I stopped in the Chicago Conservatory. It used to be the Chicago Public Library and I had never been in the building. They have a huge Tiffany dome that is gorgeous. I also got some good pictures of Millenium Park.
After 3 long weeks of fun and relaxation, it was time to go home. I was ready to be back in my own bed but sad to leave my mom all by herself in Chicago. Anyways, this is what I woke up to when I left last week. SNOW!!! It had all melted right before New Years and I guess Chicago didn't want me to leave without getting another blast of it. The snow caused my flight to be delayed about 3 hours so I got to spend some quality time in Midway Airport before coming back to Houston.
Part 3 of Christmas Vacation will be New Years!

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Kelli said...

Having grown up in Germany, I love the Krist Kindle Market. Makes me miss home...