Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Vacation- part 1

This year, I was able to go home to Chicago for break. I was there for 3 weeks! I had so much fun and really enjoyed living in denial that I had a ton of things to do when I got back to Houston. I started off my trip the Chicago by doing a lot of baking. I love to bake and most of the time (when I don't burn things), I'm actually really good at it!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are pecan and cinnamon sugar cookie things (I can't remember what they are called but they were yummy!)
I also made snickerdoodles- my favorite!
These are ranch oyster crackers- also a favorite
For breakfast on Christmas morning- semi-homemade cinnamon rolls
And then for dessert on Christmas- Peppermint Ice Cream!

Here are some pictures of my mom's decorations around the house. She has such cool stuff!
The Christmas Tree-
My Mom collects wooden Santas
Close up of the Santas
We even have Christmas night lights!
And finally, even Leo got into the Christmas Spirit!
Up next- the Kris Kindle Market, White Christmas the Musical, New Years, The Walnut Room, and Snow!!!

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