Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That one time my life became an episode of the Bachelor...

I watch the Bachelor. I will openly admit it. I have for years and even though I know the show is less than high quality, it sucks me in each season. I even read the spoilers (and yes, I know that's cheating) and I still watch the show.

Recently, my life has become like an episode of the Bachelor. I joined an online dating site in hopes of meeting Mr. Right (or Mr. Right for me now). It has been one crazy adventure so far. While I will say there are plenty of normal guys on the site, there are also some interesting characters.

Example #1- Guy sends me a message complimenting my picture. Except every word in the message is misspelled. And then he asks me out without telling me his name in the entire message. Ummmm... I don't think so. While I'm not a fantastic speller, I do at least try. And I'd like to at least know your name before I agree to meet you.

And the craziness goes on and on.

Here is my most recent story. I've gone on several dates in the last 2 weeks with a variety of guys. First of all, dating is hard work. I have to dress nice, wear make-up, fix my hair, I can't just say whatever I'm thinking, you know... trying to make a good impression. It's exhausting. And to top things off, I can't remember what stories I've told each guy. I need a notebook or something to document each date and conversation so I keep it all straight. There's nothing worse than talking about yourself and retelling the same story two dates in a row. That's a tell-tale sign you are dating multiple people. But anyways, moving on.

So most of the guys I knew right away I didn't have a connection with. I'm not hard to please but I do have some standards (even at my age). But there was one guy. We emailed a few times, texted, and talked once on the phone. He asked me out and I thought it'd be worth a shot. Here's the kicker though- he wanted me to go to a bar to watch hockey. While I'm not opposed to going to a bar, I know nothing about hockey. I don't even really like it and wasn't going to really pretend to. But I'm single and needed Friday night plans so off I went. My expectations for the evening were low, almost none. If anything, I'd get some food and a few drinks out of it. Well, it ended up going well. We got along, had a good conversation, it was fun. I was pleasantly surprised.

So when I got home, I did what any other online dater would do. I looked him up on facebook. And then hear is when it all went downhill. We had one friend in common. This friend was a girl I had worked with who I hang out with on a regular basis. I knew she had been doing the online dating thing too and had just moved to Houston so I had a hunch that they knew each other through the dating website. So I sent her a text the next day as any good friend would do. Here response- "Oh crap! I'm out with him right now!" So this guy went on a date with me one night and then saw her the next night. Now I know that online dating is like this but really, this girl is my friend. I'm not going to compete with my friend. I pretty much gave up then.

Automatically, it's like an episode of the Bachelor. All the girls become friends and they're fighting to win one guys love and affection. Not really for me at all. So I decided that I wouldn't pursue anything with him since she had been on more dates than I had. The following day, he texted me and told me he had met someone and wanted to see where that went. Ugh.... I didn't get the rose. Oh well, I responded saying that I knew who she was and we were friends. I don't think he liked that very much :)

So I'm back on the hunt again. Actually, I have a date tonight. I may blog about it tomorrow. It's kind of therapeutic.

Lesson learned from this- the world is smaller than you think!


Emily - Emas Grand Ideas said...

What a crazy situation. I can't imagine!

Your pups are cute!

Have a wonderful day!!

Jennifer Leible said...

Wow! That's nuts! Love that you went home and looked him up. If I was in that situation I totally would have too! Good luck tonight!

The Cavallaro's said...

Just stumbled across your blog from the Houston page! I'm glad you looked him up before it got to the second date! Even if you didn't get the rose, it sounds like he wasn't worth your time anyways!! Welcome to Houston, girly!

Lauren said...

So obviously it has been several months since you posted this... what happened? Can you FB stalk to see if they are still together?

And I love dating stories. I didn't think about how hard it is to remember what you have told one guy from another, though. I am terrible about that and would repeat myself for sure!