Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer has finally begun!!!!

I have been a horrible blogger the past 3 months! Life just got a hold of me and didn't let go. Since 2011 is halfway over, I better pick up the pace and start blogging again :) So, since today is July 1st, I'm going to try to commit to posting once a day for the entire month. I have a lot to catch up on since the last time I posted and a lot going on this summer!

I'm currently in Chicago on vacation. I've been here for a week and leave on the 4th. Its slightly bittersweet because this might be the last time I get to come to Chicago, sleep in my old room, see my old house, eat at all my favorite places, and just enjoy the city. My parents are officially moving. To Houston. Yes, that's right, they are following me. And it's about time. My dad has been working in Houston for the past 1 1/2 years and my Mom and him having been doing the long-distance marriage thing. This is something I hope I never have to do. I tried it with a past boyfriend and it didn't work out so well. I guess people do what they have to do but it would not be fun. Anyways, the house is for sale and the estimated moving date is October. So that means no more Thanksgiving or Christmas break visits, no more snow (or White Christmases), no more downtown Chicago traditions. I'll be glad to have my family back in one place but I'm a little sad about the whole thing.

Well, since this might be my last time in Chicago, I've been living it up this week. Since my dad is working in Houston, its just been my Mom and I until today. I love my mom and love that I've gotten to spend the entire week with just her. Its been a special time. I got to Chicago late Saturday night. My first stop was to here:
It was yummy!

Then on Sunday we went to the local farmer's market. I love farmer's markets. They don't have things like this in Houston.
This also happened to be the weekend of Swedish Days in Geneva. The parade was getting ready to start so we stayed and watched a good portion of it.
We also brought this boy along with us. He is a people magnet. EVERYONE wanted to pet him and compliment him and love on him. And to be honest, who wouldn't love this face?
We finished the day with a meal at Culvers. I love Culvers and their custard. The closest one in Houston is about an hour away :(

It was such a perfect day and the weather was perfect the whole day. It was a great first day of vacation!

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