Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Time!

Well, I made it through my first year of law school. It was a rough year and I'm so glad it's over. I have some exciting plans for the summer too! For the first part of the summer, I'll be doing an internship working at a non-profit organization in the special education division. It's right up my alley being a former teacher so it should be a good learning experience. Today was my first day and I already have some exciting assignments to do.

The second part of the summer will be spent here~

You may be asking yourself where this fabulous place is?

Well, it's Madrid, Spain! I'm going to be doing a study abroad there for a month. I'm so excited about it. I'm also planning weekends trips to Barcelona and a few other places in Spain. I've only been overseas one other time and it was a blast. I'm also a little nervous because I don't speak spanish but I'm sure I'll manage to get by. I'm hoping to be able to update the blog with pictures while in there so everyone can see all the wonderful things I'm doing!

On a total sidenote- It's also about a million degrees here in Texas and I'm just about melting to death every time I go outside. It is SOOOOO HOT! I hope it is not this hot in Spain (although I think it usually is).

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Michelle said...

Congrats finishing up your first year-- what a remarkable accomplishment!! Hope Spain is marvelous!!!!!