Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor

I love the Bachelor and this season is great. Although, I do have to admit the girls are kind of crazy. At my school, we are having a contest for the Bachelor. We drew names of the girls and if your girl makes it into the top 3, you win money. As you can see from my last 2 posts, I love winning money! My girl is Jillian and I'm happy to report, she's still in the game. I don't really think that she's right for Jason but I'm just hoping that she makes it into the top 3 so I can win back my money.

On a side note, another one of my favorite shows is John and Kate plus 8. This Sunday, I'm going to see Kate speak at church about her family and everything they go through. Super excited about it! I'll try to take pictures to post.

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