Thursday, October 14, 2010

The New Apartment!

At the end of September, I moved out of my dad's apartment and into an apartment with a friend I go to school with. I loved living with my dad and brother but it was getting a little cramped having 3 people in a 1 bedroom apartment. In fact, a few days before I moved, I just about lost it on them because they are boys and messy and I just couldn't take it anymore!

I love the new apartment! It is big and really nice and the location is fantastic. It is so close to everything. I miss seeing my dad and brother everyday though but spending 45 min-1 hour commuting to and from school was getting a little old.

Anyways, here are a few pictures. My room is still a work in progress. I'm so busy (see the last post) that its hard to find time to organize. And ignore the boxes- those need to be taken to my storage unit that I use for my overflow of stuff :)
The Living room-
The kitchen-
The dining room/ breakfast area-
My bedroom-
My bathroom-
The view from our balcony. Downtown Houston is on the other side of the trees so when the leaves fall off, we should have a great night time view of the city.
There is also another bedroom and bathroom which are my roommates. I love living here so far and hopefully this will continue to be a great home for the next year!

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Kelli said...

The apartment looks so nice! Lots of room! We lived in an apartment in Pittsburgh that was up in the trees. We called it our tree house :).